Kjartan's DemoReel

Here’s my personal demo reel. The reel is mainly oriented to modeling, but also covering texturing, lighting and some compositing.

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It includes a couple of blender-projects that I haven’t posted on this forum, the car/robot + bunny sequence. The dragon project is the only one not made in blender.

Here’s a list of the different programs I used:

  • Robot / Car sequence is made in Blender and Gimp, rendered in Cycles
  • Shark project is also Blender and Gimp
  • Dragon project is modelled in Silo +Zbrush, rendered in V-Ray and post in Photoshop
  • PsycoBunny is Blender + Gimp, tracked in Syntheyes
  • That Cow at the end is modelled in Silo, rendered in Blender, post in Photoshop
    the reel itself is also made in Blender

music is “Pick me Please” by Scott Verbeek - http://www.scottverbeekproject.com/

hope you like it,
thanks for watching!

Great work. Seriously good modeling in there!

Awesome! :slight_smile:
I want to know how did u distroy the car? (i mean squashed it) is it manual tweaking or some other flexible technique?

Stunning work, congratulations!

It was just manual tweaking. It’s amazing what you can do with only a few lattices, shape keys, a little object swapping and simple low-level keyframing :slight_smile:

Thanks Sam M and Jakerlund

k thanxx :slight_smile:

Very impressive.