Kjartan's paintings (contains some nudity)

Hello! My name is Kjartan. I’m primarily a 3d guy, but I picked up doing painting as a hobby. I used to draw quite a lot when I was little, and I’ve been drawing on and off since. Last time I did a lot of drawing I was 16-18 years old, I’m 25 now, so I’m a bit rusty.

So without further ado, here’s a few of my painting:
all done from reference. You can click on most of them to see hi-res version.
This one is based on a piece by a great artist called Ali Zafati (click here to see his portfolio on cgtalk)
awesome cat :slight_smile:

I did these around December 2011. Just for fun and also to get used to working with digital painting.

Here’s a bunch of paintings that i did on my free time while working in Amsterdam on project Mango. All done just for fun, with Painter 12 (except for that fat guy, he was painted in Krita) on a Samsung Slate 7 tablet.

Here’s another bunch. The idea was to practice getting better at working in color:

this is based on a snapshot from Digics cinematic for Mass Effect 3

Another still from Digics Mass Effect cinematic
this is based on a still from BBC 30 min Gruffalo movie -> http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b018nrhm
I actually did that one on the plane going home from Amsterdam after BConf.

Okay, that will have to do for now. The stuff above is relatively old. I’ll update this thread with new sketches/paintings in the coming days.
Hope you like!


Wow. I can’t say anything else

double wow.

thanks daren and ctdabomb!
Here’s some more. They are done for practicing and for fun. All done from reference. I used either Corel Painter or ArtRage to do these.

From ZombieU cinematic
Gladiator from Eric Durante

From “Bee” by Vladimir Loginov

From Tron Legacy

Film study from wrath of the titans

Gunzerker from Boarderlands

Original is by the “awesome-amazing” Serge Birault

Wow!. And double wow on the demo reel!

Amazing work :smiley:

thanks Nathan.Fergus and Redikann.
I’ve been doing a lot of focused drawing-studies for the last few weeks. Here’s a few figure ones. Some are done fully digitally, some are done with normal led and charcoal pencils and then scanned. i’ve also started using felt tip pens and semi transparent markers. It’s nice to sometimes get away from the computer :slight_smile:
http://www.kjartantysdal.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/atlas-215x300.jpg http://www.kjartantysdal.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/chest_hogarth-300x271.jpg

Hey! You also use pixelovely.com :slight_smile:
You got some good stuff going on! I kind of enjoy to see that you’re also having a hard time getting the hands right :slight_smile: I’m a terrible person…
But anyways, if you’d like to work on an “open” canvas with me or something similar, send ma a pm! I think it’s always beneficial to work together with other artists. Great work!
Kind regards, Phil

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Indeed, some more wow from me.

I serious love the kitten in OP.

Great work! There’s been a lot of good artists posting up in here lately. :3

Proko is another site I’ve been passing around you might be interested in. He doesn’t cover hands yet, but I’m sure he will eventually.

Very nice,

I think you should take a look at Davinci’s anatomical sketchbooks
you remind me of him,

Keep @ it :slight_smile:

Amazing works. You inspire me to improve myself, I just hope that I can get to your level in my lifetime :stuck_out_tongue:

@xrg - that proko-site looks amazing. Thanks

@BluePrintRandom - thanks, but comparing my crappy drawings to da vinci is a bit much :stuck_out_tongue: but it’s a nice compliment

@NinthJake - well… that’s totally doable. I just draw for fun, so if you do the same (and draw a lot) then you’re bound to get better :slight_smile:

here’s another series just to keep this thread alive. No digital this time. All done with real pencil, markers and pens!

a quick drawing of a guy in the newspaper. Attempted to draw him a bit caricaturized

a closeup … I friggin’ love to draw on toned, textured paper :slight_smile:

funny crab

another caricature attempt

I have a nephew who is really into dinosaurs (he’s 3 ) so I had to brush up on my dinosaur drawing skillz

thats it!

It’s one of my most vivid memories from last year’s blender conference: On the blender institute living room and Kjartan with a tablet at the opposite sofa scribbling something. Being the curious busybody that I am, I took a look. And it was awesome. I am actually very surprised to learn that this is not your primary direction. You can sense the force in each one of those!

These are beautiful works, I can’t pick one that stands out as the best because each holds so much energy - very inspiring, makes me want to study more :smiley:

Great skills.
try traditional mediums, go for the real thing.

Hehe, yeah I remember that. Great meeting you in person btw.
Doing 3d is fun but it can be so time consuming and in some cases just plain painstaking. I have been thinking about moving into 2d art as a primary direction on more then one occasion.
But I do believe that it doesn’t have to be only 2d OR 3d. I can do both, and I think there is a huge benefit to doing both. So my goal is to bring 2d into my 3d workflow and vise versa.

@Craig Jones - thanks. Glad to hear that.

The more I do digital stuff then more I appreciate traditional. I definitely will start playing with stuff like pastels, watercolors and acrylics at some point.

Hello! The last few months i have been taking baby steps towards drawing from imagination. So most of this stuff is drawings from my own head. Constructing form and rendering imaginary light is still really tricky, but also a lot of fun to do.

I made most of these drawings for a drawing portfolio that i had to put together a few months ago. I’ve been trying to get into a cg-school in denmark (http://www.animwork.dk/en/), and they required a pretty hefty drawing portfolio of different genres… and I had to put it all together in 1.5 month… man, that was a lot of work. But i did get accepted :slight_smile:


Some rock studies from observation.

This one was stored away on my HD, so i just slapped it in. Quicky Goofy cartoon test in zbrush.

And here is a collection of some of the drawings from my sketchbook. Having a sketchbook is really great, i’ve never had one before.
Most of these are from imagination, but some from observation.

thanks for watching!