Klein Bottle

horray! indigo = good
crazy things like this confuse blender when you try and calculate the normals. tee hee


Lol, very nice klein bottle, a better one than Wierdhats. :wink:

Makin bacon, are you sure you can’t fix for internal render by setting the camera’s clipping range? I’ve had that problem before, setting the clipping range was the solution…

i dunno ill try thta when i get home.

the render in blender was eally awful though, and i prefer indigo anyways. blender was doing odd things with reflections. the inside was completely black. i guess it cant handle crazy mathematical anomilies

How did you make the model?

mind sharing a half size render in blender side-by-side with the indigo, for comparison?

to make the model, i took this shape:
and extruded and shaped it to the shape of a klein bottle, then rejoined the ends to complete it. (+subdiv)
and heres what blender tries to do:
personally, i think it looks pretty cool, but its by no means photorealistic. (obviously)

oh and yeah, the clipping range had nothing to do with it. A for effort though.

Well done! I’ve gotta love the subject matter, and the representation is just about as good as a 2d representation of a 3d representation can get. Keep it up!

I think its either the number of times that BI can calculate reflections off each other, or the number of times or numer of degrees it has to refract or bend the light, which would be effected by IOR.

Even the indigo render has a couple of black and grey areas (that could be black and grey in the environemt admitedly).

yes, it is becuase the environtment was black ouside of the grey thing its sitting on. i tried one with some stuff outside it for it to reflect besides blackness, but i didnt like it as much

Have you tried to increase the depth value to at least 4 or 5 for ray transp and ray mirror.

Very nice modeling work! It’s a nice challenge to make a Kleinbottle and you have mastered it perfectly, as it seems. Although I’m not really sure why Blender gets so confused with the rendering, while Indigo manages it pretty well. Could be a Raydepth issue, as musk suggested.

(nevertheless, you’re right, for photorealistic renderings like this, Indigo is a wonderful thing…)

i really don think it has to do with the settings, its simply because the way a klein bottle works, theres no inside or outside, so the normals make no sense.

Yes, that is clear, but why is Indigo able to render with awkward normals and surfaces while Blender isn’t?
A quick thought would be, that since a Klein Bottle does not seem to have a globally defined outer normal (or, as you say, no exactly defined “outside”), Blender is not able to handle that. It’s like a Moebius strip, probably.

…although this might be the wrong place to ask…

yes, it is literally a 3 dimensional möbius strip, and i think it has to do with the fact that indigo is unlike any other renderers in that it renders it how the scene would look in real life with the current settings, instead of like having like an option for AO, or setting the types of shadows. so im thinking normals dont have much meaning to indigo, so they wouldnt affect it.

I still don’t understand how you made the part where the neck passes through the side, but ok.

oh, well in that area, the outer wall isnt actually attached to the tube part. its just a hole in the wall about the size OF the tube that it goes through.