Klepto: Space Thief

Hello everyone, on behalf of Contrary Scholars I would like to present you with Klepto, an alien from outer space. Of course he is not alone and features an entire game in the works. But he needs your help! please follow and like our page on Facebook as we continue to progress further with our goals to present you with a great classic 3d plat former. This is a poster created to showcase the game for the upcoming events at Pax in Melbourne Australia and Armageddon in Auckland New Zealand.

There is also a beta build of the game here: https://contraryscholars.itch.io/klepto-beta which was created a while ago and the game has a bunch more assets being created for a later release.

For more information and if you want to learn about Klepto and his development please visit our active blog here: https://contraryscholar.weebly.com/

Ps: if this post is in the wrong place, please feel free to let us know as we want to show the world Klepto.