kloputils always crashes

Here’s the setup: MacOSX 10.3.9, Python 2.51, Blender 2.45 RC2

Now that I have tried the Blender build compiled for Python 2.5, a lot of scripts that wouldn’t work now do. Fantastic. But, I have never been able to get kloputils to work. The python error reported in Console is usually a syntax error, for example:

Kloputils Version 3.233-2004

Lenguaje: Posar a distancia fixa%x1|Sumar (desp. absolut)%x2|Multiplicar (desp. relatiu)%x3

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “<string>”, line 888, in <module>
IndexError: list index out of range

It would never work on Blender, yet I can’t find anyone reporting complete failure of kloputils. Most of you seem to be able to get it to work. I don’t know Python, and I have a hard time believing that the script is damaged. I have downloaded fresh copies from the author’s site. Is this a problem with the version of Python for OSX? The Python install is brand new and up to date, and as I said, many scripts previously nonfunctional now work in Blender 2.45 RC2. Just not kloputils. I have managed to install the kloputils language file inside the Blender .app package, so that is not the problem. Anyone got any clues? I love the new functionality the Mac OSX Blender build for latest Python has added! But I have a fever to align.

Kloputils was removed from blender because it was unmaintained and had some bugs that nobody was fixing.

where are you installing it from?

I see, this would explain things. Found the script at http://klopes.iespana.es/. Oh well, I wonder if there are any other scripts out there that do some of the same things.

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Well that is some coincidence !
A while ago i found myself having trouble to align things properly in Blender. I didn’t know about Kloputils until … yesterday when i stumbled upon this thread !
Meanwhile i’ve strated a project: i wanted to make a nice script that would do exactly that: some precise and versatile aligning functions.

Alas ! I am very new to Python (1 month) and while i am getting better at it, i can merely calculate distance and move objects around… I still have troubles to grasp the GUI commands etc…

So, if you are patient, wait for my script ! I think it might help.

I wont be available soon though…:frowning:

Please feel free to submit functionnalities i could code !
On my side i ll have a look at Kloputils: i only discovered it briefly…

There is an old script called “pointalign.py” which works just fine and you can google it, although it doesn’t have much in the way of options. Still, better than nothing. The script’s GUI in blender has a typo, however. You have to swap Y and Z in the choice of axis to realign, at the top. They are mislabeled, and I’ve just altered the script in a text editor. The “geom tool” script out there now finally works under blender 2.45 RC2 compiled for Python 2.5, although this seems to only be useful for aligning vertices in Edit Mode, not object. My guess is that kloputils is incompatible with the MacOSX version of Python since I always get syntax error crashes with it.

Of course there are lots of tricks to align using Shift-S, toggling between Edit and Object Mode, and the clever placement of the 3d cursor. But it would be nice to have a simple alignment script or function. Even the crappy old Strata Studio Pro in the OS9 days of Mac had that. Nevertheless, it’s amazing how much advanced capability blender has, being completely open source. Can’t wait for final build of 2.45.



Version 1.0

by RobertT

works well if you change whrandom to random.
If you want Kloputils to work as good as it ever did, use Blender 2.44.
Though I must say on Windows 2.45 rc2 it works still.
Also kloputils is from 10 versions of Blender ago, so it’s really old & very buggy.

That aligner/displacer script is pretty nice! Just making the whrandom edit fixes it to work with Python on Mac. One great thing is that unlike the pointalign.py script is that it works with objects other than meshes, like empties. We’re getting there with alignment! The ideal solution would be to combine the max/min/mid point options of pointalign with aligner/displacer, so that doing something like a “drop to ground” or aligning a given target object to any other type of object would be possible. I would love to be able to align the boundaries of group instances to the boundaries of an object.

drop to ground script>
Add a header then put in your scripts location or copy the text to your default Blender set up & run from text editor. save user prefs then the script will always be there.