i dunno wether ill continue on this one not, incase you didnt gather from the name or th pic, its going to be a clown, an evil one.


Even though you’re making a clown, face models should be made with a closed mouth.

You’ve got a lot of weird shapes going on around the nose and jaw area, it looks like you have really high poly counts there, and that they are very uneven.

It looks like it’s shaping up pretty good though, just make sure you’re using references and keeping good edgeloops.

no the poly count isnt bad, it just looks that way. heres a wire anyway.


Your edgeloops look good for the most part, but they need reworking around the nose area, you’ve got an unnecessarily high poly count there, and it’s making thinks look weird.

The best way to fix that would be to take the edgeloops that are coming out of the side of the nose, and wrap them around the outside of the nose and under, so they meet up in the middle below the nose. Once you have done that, it’ll be a lot easier to fix the concentration of edgeloops there and delete some.

yes, thankyou, i will try that, but in the meantime i made a few teeth for him, these are not final just a test