Knee Rig Idea if possible?

I’ve been trying to find a better solution to rigging a knee that doesn’t involve a floating pole target.

Something to the extent that the control itself is situated in the knee area, only controlled through rotation.

Has anyone ever used this method before…or possible even?

check out Mancandy

it’s done with rotation - not floating pole

you could even just leave the knee control out. Just look at real legs and knees, they can’t rotate independently from the feet anyway. Set the degree of freedom that the knee needs, and just rotate the foot.

Most people like to have kneecontrol somehow though… And yes, your idea should be possible as well.

I like this control idea, and it should work. A rig to study that uses something similar (if not exactly it) is Reegie.

Sure they can! Sitting at the edge of a chair, plant your feet a little wider than shoulder width (about two feet apart), and try rotating just your thigh, from the hip.

I think knee controls are mostly needed just for changing the COG’s direction of movement in IK.