Knif and then crash

i got kind of a cone and i cut it with a plane using the script knift

but now if i select the cut cone and try to go into edit mode it crash Blender

anybody knows how to correct that :confused:

Tanks & Salutations

Argh. Hate it when dumb stuff happens? :frowning:

It might not be solvable, remember it’s a memory save state file, not so much a “blender file”… I have one where no matter what, when I try to load anything, a texture, an append .blend, any file operation as far as I know… if I navigate up one directory, it segfaults. Makes no sense.

When dumb stuff like that happens, try hitting Ctrl-X, get a new session going, hit Shift-F1 and append the stuff you want out of the messed up .blend into the new one and save it… that usually works.

I was able to recup the file -
i deleted the offending object and it did it
i had another copy that i did before using the knife and i cut the 32 segments one by one

Long process - tedious but it finally worked out about fine

I used that knife before and never saw that problem ?

don’t understand what happen there with the knife !

Tanks anyway