Knife edge.. gotta be a shortcut here...

For a story I’m writing I’m modeling the following “pruning hook” for a story I’m about to illustrate.

Looking at the model close up I’m wondering if there’s a way to add a knife edge. I tried bevel and did not get the results I was after. Any other thoughts out there?

pruning-hook.blend (480 KB) I’ve attached the blend file here.

You can control the amount of thickness the solidify modifier gives with a vertex group. Give the blade edge zero weight so it doesn’t thicken

What I would do is remove/apply the solidify modifier, and then merge together the edges where you want the blade to be. You might want to add then a sharp edge/edge loop to sharpen up the edges. I hope this makes sense.

edit: sigh, Richard beat me to it with a better method as usual.
edit2: Or were you hoping to have a serrated blade?