Knife from Buffy

Another weapon from buffy. Basic shape done, some minor modifications and then I think I’m ready fpr some textures.

Tell me what you think


I added a stand for the knife. I think it might be pretty much in balance like that but please let me know what you think.


It looks awesome! I am a fan of daggers (…).
The modelling is really good and i looks accurate to me.
The stand is nice and looks balanced.

thank you.

There’s one thing I’ve been wondering about. What’s that ball thingy at the end of the handle, what’s it for?

i have no idea what the ball at the end of the handel is for. you modelled it yous should know…hold on, his is a buffy weapon. Oh. anyway, looking nice, infact very nice! i like it!

I guess the ball is to balance the weapon, by adding a little weight at the end.

Actually, i don’t like the stand, the proportion of the stand to the knife is to large. The knife itself is very good, either make the stand smaller, or position the knife on the stand at a better angle.
Just my thoughts.

Do you mean the entire stand or just the bottom of the stand?

Anyway, I made the stand a little smaller and added a bit more angle to the knife. Better?

I’ll be away for a few days, so I can’t work on this project, but I’ll still read the forums, so please post your comments.


Yep, it does look better actually :slight_smile: Try rotating the knife 90 degrees upwards, so the point is facing into the ‘sky’. Or the knife parrallel to the ground. Just see what those angles do for it.

The ball at the end could possibly be an ornamental nut that pushes the pommel against the grip so that the grip sits thight against the hilt.
Cavelier sabers (and swords) have those to. You can often tell the difference between a copy and an original by the way this nut is filed off to a minimum avoid the owner hurting himself due to hitting it.

As requested, I made one with the knife horizontal and one with the blade pointing up


started making a scene. Nothing too fancy


Ok, just a small update.

I know the plate under the knife isn’t in the middle of the window, but I wanted to put it straight under the knifestand. I’ll see what I can do about that, I might just zoom so that you can’t see the side edges of the frame


added some more textures, and changed the camera angle (I think it looks a lot better from this angle)


Great model :slight_smile: But you are going to texture the handle right?

Yeah, I will, but I still don’t know what I should do about the bump map that should be there, I tried making one yesterday, but it didn’t look any good

I textured the handle

now I need to find out how to make the bumpmap for the handle, any ideas?

What kind of texture is it supposed to be? leather? cuz I guess you could always find a leather picture, turn it to black and white and use it to bump map it or something. I found it easier to do in 3DS Max tbh, the blender texture interface confuses me :frowning:

it should look like this:

Wow… the model looks awesome, i myself have thousands of different knives on my walls lol :RocknRoll: