Knife problems in 2.53b

Just downloaded 2.53b and I love it, havent gotten around to using the new UI though. I looked around, and couldnt seem to find the right answer for this. So, after some searching, I discovered the knife tool in 2.53, but it isnt cutting. No new vertices show up. Is there anything in particular I need to do to confim it or something? Im trying to do an exact cut, if that makes a difference. And is there some other things I should be aware of in the beta?


The knife tool in 2.53 doesn’t seem to be very advanced, it works by pressing and holding the k key while clicking and dragging with the mouse, useful for stuff not requiring too much accuracy I guess.

Shift-K + drag makes midpoint knife cuts (usually).

Awesome, it worked fine. Still cant seem to get multicut to work, but oh well, ill work around it.

The knife cut options on the tool shelf don’t seem to work but you can bring up the same options by pressing F6 and selecting them from there which does seem to work.