Knife project cuts always wrong side

Like in title. Knife project always cuts opposite side and it don’t want to cut on that side what I want. Cut-through isn’t helping too neither moving object for knife project on opposite side do.
Where I want to cut:

What I get:

I can’t reproduce on a simple cube, it only project knife on the wanted side when i tested, so maybe there’s something with your mesh, but without a blend i can’t say.

What you can try is before doing the project knife cut, select the faces you don’t want to be cut and press H to hide them, hidden faces should never be cut even with Cut Through enabled.
(ALT+H to unhide your hidden faces by the way)

That isn’t working either. Sent you .blend file on PM.

The blend you sent to me does not correspond exactly to your screenshot, there are these vertices and edges that does not seem to be fully connected to your giant ngon face, very bad as i can see a lot of problems going to happen regarding normals with that kind of thing with edges overlapping a face

Now there’s the problem of the giant ngons (ngons are faces made of more than 4 vertices), while some tools have no problems with ngons (inset by example) , it looks like project cut indeed have problem

Ideally you should try to make your model with quads , because the blender tools just work better with them than with ngons.
But even if you triangulate those ngons (CTRL+F -> Triangulate or CTRL+T ) , the project cut will work. At least after getting rid of the overlapping edges/vertices and simply triangulating that ngon, i could project cut without it failing or cutting to the other side

Now that said, it looks like your mesh has several problems, by example unconnected edges, that are probably a part of why Blender has trouble with cutting your mesh correctly.

there are some cases of wrong topology too that are too certainly puzzling the modelling tools :

I think you should rework that part of your object from scratch, avoid ngons and try to keep it quads while making sure everything is correctly connected and no edge is overlapping any other.

I remodelled your mesh to get only quads and correct vertices/edges connections, check your PM