Knife Project not working

Im a complete noob at blender but i read multiple comments on other posts and videos and it still does not work. When i try to use the knife project tool i will see " No other selected objects have wire or boundary edges to use for projection" pop up. if you need me to i can send screenshots.

in blender 3.0 you will select the object you want to slice. Enter edit mode and after that you hold ctrl and select the object that you use as knife. Then you can use knife project tool and it should work.

If you use older version you select object then the object used for cutting and enter edit mode with both.

it still doesnt seem to work, am i experiencing a bug? should i update to 3.0? im on 2.93.1

i updated to 3.0 but after following everything it still doesnt work i even remade it on a different project and it still wont work.

Blender is not something you can just jump in and start working. There is a channel on You Tube named BlenderGuru. Try his Donut tutorial. Even just the first couple of videos and you will get a lot further.

My best source for solving “little” problems is Blender Secrets on YT.
In your case this could help;