knife question or problem?

When I use the knife i notice that the model is i bit roughed up, you know more bumpiness where I knifed it which is the reason I use ctrl r which makes more edgeloops than i want. Is there a way to avoid that bumpiness or am i out of luck?

digiman :mad:

The knife tool will create some tris just beyond both ends of the cut, which I assume is what you’re describing as ‘a bit roughed up.’ You can usually eliminate most of the tris by reordering the edges in your mesh, but it’s not automatic and is the reason most people use the loop cut tool, since it will leave your mesh with quads instead of tris, even though there are more of them.

Looks like I will continue using the edgeloop tool.


I don’t really like the knife tool, unless i start and end outside of the model, if you know what I mean.

Plus, the person above is wrong; it doesn’t create tris. It creates quads that look like tris.

Excuse me Naive Amoeba but these are not quads that look like tris.

They ARE tris.

Ah, my mistake. I thought you meant like:


Sorry for snapping at you. Digiman’s description of his problem was a bit vague, and since tris would be more of a problem than pseudo tris, I based my reply on the assumption that his problem was the tris. You can, as you’ve shown, use the knife cut tool and avoid those pesky tris, by careful planning of the cut, and not making any n-gons beyond the cut limits, which blender handles by making tris.

Orinoco, I know i was a bit vague but you answered my question. I am hoping in the future versions of Blender we will be able to cut one edge only adding a vertice, no tris, it would be much less of a headache and it would distort the cut area as it does now. Thanks for your reply.