Knife Render Material Help!!!

Ive been in the process of modeling a making a material for the is knife for some time now and i just cant seem to make anything look real, i want to make the handle like its made from rubber, and the metal to be covered in a black paint but scratched up out of use. So far I’ve got the above render.

Is this done in cycles?

Sure looks like Cycles to me … the lighting is dull-as-donuts, and that’s why the knife blade (at least) can’t possibly “look real.”

To see what I mean, rig up a large box out of, say, a white bedsheet, and stick a knife and your head inside. (Not in exactly the same place, o’course … :wink: ) What you’ll see is absolutely flat light, just as you see here, and the knife won’t even look metallic. You must have a specular component in order to define the surface properties of anything: the knife blade, the handle.

Now, I can see the details of the modeling here, and those details look good. What doesn’t​ look good, yet, is the light. You need specularity, and you need color.

I’m way new to the materials thing. (If you want something really difficult, mess with MaPZone.) But I think maybe the rubber needs a higher roughness value on the diffuse node, or less hardness on the specular. Right now it looks more like rough plastic than rubber.