Knife Render Material Help!!!

Ive been in the process of modeling a making a material for the is knife for some time now and i just cant seem to make anything look real, i want to make the handle like its made from rubber, and the metal to be covered in a black paint but scratched up out of use. So far I’ve got the above render.

For the blade to look scratched, you could set up a mix shader with a black paint material and a metal material, and then set the fac to a image texture of black and white scratches.

I tried that and for some reason it wont render out, the preview material shows up great but on the model it self it isnt working.

Did you UV unwrap the blade?

Face Palm, no wonder none of my materials turned out that good. Thx, i would have never thought of that, ive just been using generated coordinates.

I used smart project and that solved it, now its time for the actual unwrap( i hate unwrapping).

Yeah, unwrapping can be tedious, but its worth it. Oh, and if you have other questions about materials and stuff, post them here

Thanks for the link, i think i got the materials down now, i just need to unwrap my model before i start materials next time. Also how did u come so good with car modeling i tried a car and i just cant seem to match up my referrences

Thank you! Here’s a link that explains how to set up blueprints.

Final Render Going to post in the finished projects.