Knife tools in 2.5?

I see the loop cut tool, but not the others, and I don’t get how the loop cut tool works now…

any pointers on this?

I’m liking 2.5 quite a lot…it’s a significant improvement, but I am a bit disoriented on some things.

thank you!


Loop cut works the same basically. To knife cut, hold K and drag the left mouse button.

well, I have tried that, but I see no magenta guide to move around, and suddenly, I get these wierd cuts with no apparent way to control them.

is that what you see, too?

do this…

  • select the edges you wish to have cuts in…
  • hold K
  • left+drag the mouse over the edges in the places that you want a cut (this method is called Exact…because blender slices the edges as close as possible to the line you draw)

you are expecting something like edgeslide, for a vertex after subdividing an edge… i would like that feature too, but unless you have some high precision needs, then the cut tool will be a quick way to add verts/ split edges. ( old 2.3 tutorial, no longer shift+K)

try a K, then shift+C (all three in sequence, then hold them) to split along centers :slight_smile:

Select the face you wish to cut, K-key and left click -> drag mouse. The pointer in the 3d view changes to a knife blade and leaves a line where you drag it to. Seems to me the knife tool was missing from early builds but it’s in the later ones. Works fine in 2.5 beta.


OK…I think I’m gettin it…thank you!

and to make multi cuts you just type in your numbers?

and what about mid cut, or the cut exactly in the middle?

multicut is ctrl+r, and slide the mousewheel.
w->subdivide->drag “number of cuts” slider

not sure about the kb way on this one, but check my last post i think i updated it since you last looked at it.
(refering to center cuts)

I’ll have to experiment, as I don’t use a mouse; I’m a pen/tablet user.

hope I’m not out in the cold on this function!

For multicut and midcut do your cut and then press F6 and use those settings if the ones at the bottom of the tool shelf don’t have any effect.

interesting… i’m not aware of a way to do it without the scrollwheel. but a simple +/- keyboard press would be a great addition ( unless there is some obscure way already )

hold down shift for finer control of the edge slide :slight_smile:

Page Up / Page Down

weird, that multicut menu doesnt appear untill i leftclick on the new cut, so it turns orange… then hit esc. and only then does the f6 menu become available (same for Loop Cut and Slide menu)… and this is what it looks like …and i’m confused as to what it is supposed to do…they look like buttons but are pretty unresponsive other than that they change when the cursor is over them.

The knife F6 menu works but the Loop cut slide options don’t and the tool shelf options also don’t work.

sweet. even less mousing around!

sometimes I can get loop cut to work, sometimes not.

but multi- and mid-cuts are working well…


a loop cut doesnt do great things on Tris… or on meshes that have doubled vertices ( like it seems that you have one solid mesh… but if you select the entire thing, and “remove duplicates”, you’ll see it wasn’t a solid mesh to begin with )

in any of my loop cut adventures so far, I never saw the screen you posted here…wierd…


How may I snap a cut like in version 2.4x?