High resolution versions can be found on my DeviantArt

Blender, Cycles, Zbrush, Substance Painter, PS CS6.
Around 8 hours total workload, each render took around 3 minutes @ 1000 samples on a GTX980.

It is truly amazing what one can do with Blender. Great piece of art, which looks very photorealistic.

Awesome job :smiley: Very realistic!

5 stars !:slight_smile:

Cs go need your knife!!!

nice work … how much is modelling and how much great maps ??
can you show wires ?

Thanks guys :slight_smile: hedheld - It’s a mix of both. All of the details were sculpted with polygons into the millions, with the details baked onto the meshes I rendered, which hit around 500k total.


WOW!:open_mouth: This is so amazing!:smiley:

Thank you :slight_smile:

nice clean wires think I’ll change that “nice work” to GREAT work !!

keep it up :wink: