KnifeCut in Blender 2.5 - Video Tutorial vs physical practice

Hi friends,

I am a newbie in Blender. My target is to become a Blender’s trainer or animator.
Currently I am still in training via tutorials downloaded through the links given by Hirsig, Neal. Based on the current tutorial, I found some issue on the KnifeCut which the video activity result is not same as what I have tried.

Video result:


I have tried repeatly again & again but cannot get same result as shown in video.

Could someone please help me?


Technically your result is better, keeping is all as quads where in the video there are lots of triangles (bad).
The difference is probably due to differing blender versions, where yours is the newer and hence the improvement

Hi Gregzaal,
Noted. Thanks for your feedback.

Do you have a screen grab of before and after the cut from the video?

Edit - deleted.

But a screen grab of before and after would help.

Noted. Thanks Richard.