knifeless.blend animation


Little animation addressed to Ton and developers.
Ton! Give us the knife and bevel back, please. :slight_smile:

LOL! I hope this falls on the right ears in the right state of mind. Very well done.

I have developed my modeling techniques in such a way that I do not need either anymore, but they are both quite useful tools. I think bmesh is the real culprit.

Sorry …don’t get it…they both work for me…edit mode… selected +K and the Mesh_Bevel add-on…or is this some kind of obscure joke

Mesh Bevel addon? where?

and K+Mouse don’t have snap mode

nice animation!

@ SiNus…was a contrib add-on …in GraphAll build 2.57 36900(which has lots of good stuff)…copied it into 2.58.1 and it works…so far so good…
and while I’m thinkin’ of it …thanks to whomever wrote the theme manager…gray is too grey…

I’ve sent animation to Ton and he replied that he will try to inspire the right people to do something with these tools. :slight_smile: