Knight and Dragon

This is a scene that I’ve had in mind to do for years, but didn’t feel confident in my abilities to pull it off. But after watching a couple of videos from the 2016 and 2017 Blender conferences by Gleb Alexandrov and Zacharias Reinhardt, I thought I’d at least start “previsualizing” it. And with Kent Trammell’s Modeling Realistic Characters now being available for CG Cookie Citizens, I think I have a guide for starting to bring this scene to life.

The idea is that it’s an old knight, after years of hunting dragons, laying down his sword to receive something from one.

Current Image:

Lighting test

This was the initial image I did, using mostly basic shapes with minor editing to test the concept and camera angle.

Here, I was testing a more dramatic lighting scenario, using bioluminescence for the background and a torch and the egg providing foreground illumination

Here, I took the previous shapes and used them to create a basemesh to sculpt with.