Knight in shining armor, stalling...

While waiting for BlackBoe to work his magic on the face, I am adding some details to the armor.

For the moment as I am modifying the mesh, I don’t bother too much with textures.

However, when I compare my armor (left) with my inspiration source (right, from “Hellgate: London”) I realize the amount of work I still have to put before reaching this quality…

Do you think I should add more details to the armor?(add more stuffs) Work the edges?(tweak some stuffs)
Is it simply a question of texture?


I think you shouldn’t add any bigger details in it, you would just clutter the surface of the armor. But if you are going to add details in, I’d suggest you’d do them with bumpmapping instead of modeling them.

Modeling wise this is pretty close to your inspirational armour, so I think with some texturing this one will look even better.

If you want them to look same, your armor should be darker. Also, your armor is a bit umm… soft? Like plastic. Are you using Edgesplit?

Other than that, really nice work. Wanna show wire?

Mmmmh. No Edgesplit. It doesn’t make the edges like I want :slight_smile:
No edge is sharp as a razor IRL :slight_smile:


i think you should make her bare foot

Overall I find that this is excellent. I think that the shine on the metal is a little…i dunno…the only word i can think of is “soft.” however i didnt come to this conclusion until I had really taken a thorough look over the model and compared it to the inspiration a few times, so it could actually be kept as is.

The golden thing that comes up the blade of the sword seems to be a little too long. It looks really nice, but i would shorten it to allow for more area of the blade that can be used well in combat.

Something does seem a bit off with the chest area…i cant really figure out exactly what, though…I dont think they should be bigger, but maybe they are slightly too far apart? im not exactly sure.

The light blue parts really make this thing look fantastic (along with the excellent modeling and coloring)

I’d really like to see this come to life in an animation.

Probably the most work that needs to be done would be achieving exactly that right texture effect you’re looking for. Probably make the metal a darker shade, if you were to ask me, and if you’re trying to heavily emulate the inspiration.

The only other thing that I heavily dislike is completely a design issue, so it’s probably impractical to try and go back to change it now, plus most people probably wouldn’t have a problem with it. :slight_smile: The idea of fighting in high heals seems rather… impractical. Especially for swinging around a heavy sword, I’d think one would want to be able to plant a foot behind oneself firmly on the ground and not have to worry about rocking backwards on a pivot point.

But it’s looking awesome, man! Very, very nice.

She has a freakin tight ass in that first picture.

Good modeling, I really like it!

It looks like the armor on the arms, in the source, is overlapping plates, but in the model, the plates run together at the edge, as if the whole thing was molded from plastic. I suspect it’s this that people are noticing and commenting that the metal looks soft or plastic.

I’m not sure you can fix that with textures, it seems as if you’d have to actually separate the mesh and make separate overlapping plates, or at least pull the top plate edge under far enough that it appeared to be separate.

As far as detail goes, I think it’s all there. I mean, there are a few spots left open where you could engrave some dragons and unicorns, but you can do that with textures.

i wouldnt comment on that before ive seen a render of it with an enviroment to reflect(or IBL/reflectionmaping/something else…) and indeed, a texture could add to it :slight_smile:

edit: as for if you should add more detail to the model, well, how close/big do you intend to make the final render…? and even then id say thats darn nice all-ready, just make sure to give it damn good materials&textures :slight_smile:

I was going to say that, but then I thought about how one of the great things about CGI and CG animation is that you can do a few things here and there that are impractical for the purpose of making something look cooler, better, etc. I think that the model wouldn’t look as good without the high heel setup.

For example, in the movie Final Fantasy Advent Children, pretty much everything that happened in a fight scene was completely impractical and over the top…but thats what made it so exciting!

what I’m trying to say is that 3D modeling and animation is supposed to let you do things that you cant do in real life…I mean to a certain degree we want it to look as realistic as possible, but we also need to see some stuff that would never happen in real life. Otherwise you might as well just go buy a camera and film something if its going to be completely realistic and practical.

It looks like the armor on the arms, in the source, is overlapping plates, but in the model, the plates run together at the edge, as if the whole thing was molded from plastic. I suspect it’s this that people are noticing and commenting that the metal looks soft or plastic.

Sorry if I ask, could you point that on the picture? :slight_smile:
I have a hard time understanding and it seems like a crucial comment :slight_smile:

As for high heels… I has no other defense than : “it looks sexaaaay”

Ok the attachment is an explanation of what was said. I noticed this also but completely forgot to mention it before.

To fix this, you could select the parts of the arm armor that should be separate pieces of metal and press P. This will make them a different ob ject and you can move them accordingly. I hope you know what I’m talking about. If not, I would be more than happy to edit the .blend for you. :slight_smile:


EDIT: I didnt mean to type that extra “like” in the attachment. Its only there because i was going to try to compare what it looks like to something, but I couldn’t think of anything so i deleted it, but forgot to delete the “like”. I just didnt want you all to think that im one of those people who constantly says “like” for no reason.


Kevin Lakhani’s pointing to the exact same spot I referred to. It’s the stair step effect that gives it that Mattel action figure look rather than the ninja fighting dame look.

Oooooh ok… I see…

^^" it’s crazy how much things a picture can convey…

Will work on it :slight_smile:

Wow, this is great! I love the hair. Actually I love everything about it. Maybe have a bit sharper specularity in the armor to make it look more metallic. Kevin mentioned the chest. The breasts just pop out on the top - no puns intended :wink: - instead of sloping from the upper chest to the nipple. A bit too much of half an orange lying on a flat table this way. Hope that’s clear enough. If not I’ll have to draw something, but it’s just a minor detail.
Could we see the .blend file? Lots to learn here.

Great work! If I were a girl, I’d go to her hairdresser.

You know that’s plate steel she’s wearing, right? :wink:

Sure BlackBoe, so there’s no reason it should follow her anatomy. But I couldn’t bear the suspense of having someone mention that something was funny about it but having nobody point out wat it was. So I had no choice, I had to explain. Either that or no sleepyboo… :wink:

You know what, I’m sorry, I just realized you’re right. :o The frame of the armour didn’t extend as far out as I thought. I was previously under the impression that the shell of the chest piece was extended away from her chest, and thus the appearance of the depth of however far the breasts went out would be mitigated by all the space underneath the armour itself, but it turns out that was my mistake.

Well, if she had a very slender build it could work, and from the look of her rubber bits, she does. So it’s a minor detail and it remains up to the artist to decide if he likes it this way. In any case I’m so relieved we’ve dealt with this at some length. Now I can rest at ease free from the emotional turmoil that so tortured me. :wink:
I really need to make a character as cool as this sometime. It’s a truely inspiring piece. How do I give stars in this forum? He deserves five from me.
edit: Never mind, just found it.