Knight model for a new game

I drew up references for this guy a long time ago, but just got to modeling him. I have to texture him (Tonight hopefully), and rig him. The game that I’m using him for will just be a simple RPG/Sandbox type of game. He is 700 polys. C&C are welcome (I’m going to add to the helm)


Looks good Turin :slight_smile:

The only issues I can see are how the elbows will deform when animated (the gloves look to go quite far up his arms…), and maybe how well the toes will bend on a walk action… Great model though :wink:

Thanks for the tips. I’ll look into moving loops around and things like that.

looking really nice man :slight_smile:

Maybe lift the armor at the top of the shoulders? Shoulders have a slope and so would the armor…maybe.

Have to pull my copy of knights tale out and look at the armor. smile.

Very good for 700 polys! I agree with FunkyWyrm, The gloves might get in the way of his elbow bones. Other than that I have no Crits. Can’t wait to see what it looks like textured and rigged!

The gloves will be fine. You need elbow protectors, right?

Anyway, you don’t need any textures for that! It looks magnificent by itself. Though the shoulder pads are a little weird. I can’t put my finger on why but they do.

Make the lines visible in game :smiley:

in your title you said “New Game” umm, when are we going to hear more about it?

When I get him rigged and textured. I’ll probably have a demo up in a couple weeks.

Hey Turin, that model looks good :wink:

Hope to see textured and riged soon :slight_smile: