Knight on the harbor

Hello Blender community! I am new to Blender.
I immediately fell in love with Blender as soon as i found out about it from a friend. I couldn’t be more happy I found and learned this program. I am currently 3 years into learning now. This render was final with 2 years of experience, basically one of my first real render. I would love any feedback on how i am progressing. So much to still learn. I will be releasing my first full length animated short movie for a 30sec commercial soon. i hope to get feedback on it when it is done! :slight_smile:


I like the self-assessment of “i am new to blender” while actually learning blender for three years. Kind of refreshing.


I featured you on BlenderNation. Stay safe, and have a great weekend!

wow what an honor, Thank you for the recognition :slight_smile:

Looks great - good job!

Add a few crew members to that ship, 3d ships are rarely manned.

You’re #featured! :tada:

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I can ensure you that in my 3rd year of blender my renders didn’t looks this awesome :smiley:
Nice work!

Your “first image” made it to the featured row. What does that tell you? :wink: Keep up the great work, I really like this scene and would love to see your animation.

Nice scene. The lightning is very good.

The render looks great.

My comment would be on the central figure pose. It looks a little stiff. If the figure is supposed to be at attention, why is the halberd at an angle? The birds look too much like a few copy and pastes. Perhaps less or some of them at tilted angles. The boat with no crew seems odd as well.

I like it a lot, though.

Thank you so much everyone for the feedback, it’s very appreciated! Thank you so much for the feature, i am grateful for the acknowledgment! Thank you for the support everyone!