Knight Scuplt

This is my first full figure sculpt, full rig, dyna and multi-res. Still a lot details to add on. Comments welcome


I like this very much, great job! :cool: Nice posture too!
I guess it would be useful to have such a diproportionately short left arm for holding the shield close to the body :wink:

O_O this is very cool… I’m surprised something this good only gets 2 comments…

yeah as said hanzo, that is pretty awesome, need some love for this.

texture pass 1

texture with node tweaks

all vertex paint

texture and paint layer complete, just need to add in the details now.

Hello! I love your sculpt,but as a base for retopo and rebuild a nice 3Dmesh .
I love the proportions and the style!

Looks a bit too smooth (not too hard surface) but for a first sculpt it’s very good.
I like the pose.
This can be enhanced but you’ve made a promising start, keep it up!