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Hi! I want to share my new project I’m working on. Normally I don’t like to post WIP but I really need some feedback so I decided to post it anyway.

I’m planning to make a Dark Souls fanart, I was going to make an armor set from the games but then I thought it would be more fun to go with an original design. I’m thinking of some sort of diorama, with a bonfire and maybe castle ruins around it, but I have a bad habit of over-complicating things, so I’m gonna focus on getting the character done first.

I’m not really experienced with designing, usually I go with already existing concepts so I struggled a lot with this and I really appreciate if you could provide feedback on the design. I want the armor to look practical rather than looking fancy so if you see a part that doesn’t make sense or look practical please let me know.

Some parts are just placeholders, but I’m mostly done with metal parts and now working on leather parts. I modelled everything in blender but I’m at 40 million polygons and I don’t think blender can handle more than that so I had to switch to zbrush for detailing.

Can’t wait to hear what you think!


I like it bro,what i think regarding armors? Al lcompatible and practical,but in not expert in theme armors,but looks great.

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Thanks a lot man!

Making some progress,

I think it’s coming along pretty well but I still have a long way to go. Next, I will work on smaller pieces like belt buckles.


Another update. I finished most of the modelling, baked the maps and finally back to blender. This is the first time I used zbrush in my workflow this much so it was a lot of trial and error, but I’m mostly happy with the results so far. I added a sword, originally I was planning to make Dragonslayer from Berserk but I figured it wouldn’t fit the character so I made a simple long sword, I might also add a shield, I think it would look good but I still haven’t decided.

I’m slowly moving towards texturing, and honestly this is the part I’m the most scared of because I really suck at texturing, I hope I can pull it off.

I was originally going to add a cloak and a tabard, do you think should I add them or is it fine as it is? Another thing I can’t decide is, should I add chain mail armor under the gambeson, most of the references I use has chain mail but I don’t if it would make it too crowded, so I’d appreciate it if anyone has any advice.


If your untextured parts turn out as good as the metal, I think you will do more than ok.

A cloak could be interesting, it would be a good excuse to add a bit of color to the character, but it probably should be placed so it doesn’t hide the front parts of the character, as they look really good as they are.

Chainmail can be impressive on a 3D character if you manage to do it (it can be difficult do do well), but I am not sure where you could add it without covering or replacing your existing work.

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Thanks, I hope I can texture the rest properly haha!

Yes I don’t want to cover the front part as well. When I was blocking out the character I put a tabard in the front covering the right side of the character and this is actually why there is less detail on the right side compared to the left side, but then I liked the front as it is so I removed the cloth but I wouldn’t mind a cloak covering the back, something like this maybe ?

I had something like this for the chain mail but I feel like I don’t have enough room for it, and even if I make it it would be barely visible so not sure if it worth it.

The thickness of the fabric parts and the way you have placed the belts doesn’t leave much room for chainmail, but I think you model looks great already without it.

The small cape in the back is great, it’s a good compromise and doesn’t really hide any of your work, but its interest will depend on how you texture it.


Yeah that makes sense, I guess I’ll give up on the chain mail.

I can try and see how the cape looks in the final version and if it doesn’t work I can always remove it without having to change anything.

Thanks for the advice! That helped me a lot.

Just want to let you know that I like the way this is going, and am really exited to see what else you come up with!

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Thanks man, It means a lot to me!

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I textured most of it but still not finished yet, there are a lot to fix but I wanted to have your opinion too because I’m not really confident with my texturing skills as much as I am with sculpting.

I made the cloth part green to add a bit color, I could’ve gone with brown like the rest of the textures and maybe it might even look better but I didn’t want it to be so colorless, I also tried blue which kinda works too but decided to go with green in the end. I’m still not sure though because since I’m planning this to be a dark souls fan art it needs a dark atmosphere, so I might need to change it again once I do the environment (if I ever do it, of course).

My current plan is to finish the texturing, add a shield and pose the character (I’m open to any recommendation on how to pose such a dense mesh) and call it finished for now, because I’ve been working on this for so long and I think I need a break.


I’ve really enjoyed seeing the progress on this :slight_smile: I just wanted to say that I think the green really works, it adds a nice bit of contrast but it’s still dark and muted enough that it looks very Souls-esque. I think you’ve really mastered the concept that “dark and atmospheric” doesn’t necessarily mean “colorless”- rather, that color should be judiciously and carefully applied to compliment the atmosphere


Awesome !

It’s really a pleasure to look at all these detail you’ve added !
Stunning work !


Thanks! I’m glad I decided to share the progress, and I’m glad to hear that the color works!

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The last update, I will be taking a break from this project for a while. I added a shield and posed the character. I wanted a simple pose to be able to quickly do it, and rigging was actually a lot easier than I expected, I’ll keep that in mind for later. I played with the lighting a bit and this was the result, I hope it turned out good enough.

There is still so much I want to add but I will have to leave that to another time.


This looks so good :slight_smile: You’ve done incredible work on this project, I hope you share more of your work on here in the future!

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Thank you! I’m planning to!

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did you use any addon to do the cloth ripples ?

nice work

happy bl