This is my latest work.
I’m waiting for your comments;)

I love it!:slight_smile: The background doesn’t do it justice though, and slightly distracts from the rest of the image.

Yeah - you must re-render it with another background, this is too good to get dragged down a notch by a boring background - really nice! Thumbs up!

Very nice !

How did you do the hair ?

… And the skin texture ? :slight_smile:


To be honest I’m not that crazy about her skin… too doll-like.

Give some expression on her face, throw in a background, give her at least some skin texture, and you have a super image.


That looks amazing to me!!
Struggled to find a criticism. The only one I can think of is that the lips look slightly too shiny and smooth so they look a little plasticy.

I like the background. :slight_smile:

Great!! i think you just need to work on the lips and some texture…but c’mon, how DID you do the hair, one of the bst ive seen here! :smiley:

This looks great. I agree that the background needs to improve.

I’m interested in seeing how you made the hair. If you used particles, how did you control it like that?

That’s freaking amazing! I think that is, by far, the best work I’ve seen done in Blender so far. Just a couple things:

  1. Her face is pretty blank for someone who looks like they’re about to commit a pretty serious act of violence :).

  2. The background could use a little work. I think it would look a lot cooler if there was an actual scene behind her.

Very good. The lips seem a little too smooth and the skin needs some variation/blemishing. Certainly you must create a more emphatic background to match the quality of your character! Any chance we could get a wireframe and perhaps see the displacement/bump maps you used for the damage/wear on the armor (cuirass and gauntlets more specifically)?

All who gave me a comments and advise.

Thank you very much for you comments and advise. Summarizing your comments, my work need to …
a) modify her lip.
b) modify her skin and expression.
c) modify the background.

Then I get super image!
I agree to a) and b). but… Yes, of course, it is one solution to add some actual scene to the background such as battle field. But as you know, sometimes photographer put flat screen behind a model and light up slightly to emphasize the model. My intention is that. If this is goal for this work, what do you think next step to make it better?
Well, many people want me to modify the background. I’ll do that.
Please wait for a while. There is many things to do.

As for the hair question, I use static particles and many curve guides.

Anyway, thanks for your comments!

i agree with Iandefor, especially on his first comment. if you’re going into a fight, you’re going to be focusing everything you have on every movement your enemy makes, or you’ll die. the armor, sword, lighting, materials, all beautiful, but the face kills it for me. she doesn’t look like she’s focused on anything, which if she’s fighting she would be.


Very nice, The only comment I would add is that I would have the eyes looking more straight forward – right now it appears like they are looking at the camera.


great blendering, she looks to be on par with the final fantasy characters. i personally wouldn’t have gone with particle hair, but you hair turned out pretty good.

xrqlz, GreyBeard, rexprime,

Thank you for your comments. I need to upgrade my skill to make a face.
Your comments educated me as well as other’s post.

I love that armour, it’s just wicked. The hair is good too, but the only thing i’m ot tatally crazy about is her skin. The armour texture quality is far above the skin texture, so that takes a bit away from the over all image. Also the background could be something else, like a photo, if nothing else.

man this is excellent stuuff. its the type of characters ive been making for my animations, so this is quite inspiring thanks

WOW, really nice work.
Would it be possible to see somw wires please so that I can see what was modelled and what was displaced?

comments -> :D:D:D:):D:D:D (no translation required)

excellent work

this looks like blender gallery material

Holy crap dude you have mad modelling skills. Great job with the hair!!