Knightsbury XIV - A Walk Through a Medieval Town (Blender + Unity3d)

Looks impressive. I’m very exited to see the final version.
The book in the second last shot got me thinking though. Gutenberg invented the printing press mid 15th century. So the book is a hand copied version. I’m just wondering if those type of books could be that thick, especially as I get the impression that the thickness stems from many pages and not the thickness of single pages.

Haha thanks Hotzst, you’re right, we’ll make the book a bit less thick. I am so glad we have careful observers. You’re contributing to improve this town :slight_smile: I will upload a video of the house soon

Here is a video with the complete exploration of Hugh Willoughby’s house

Very good indeed ! This video shows the final result. Now it’s needed to tell stories inside this virtual place :wink:
Already it’s possible to Click on the ( thinner haha ) book ( you can see an info flag popping in the video ) to
look closer at the book content :slight_smile: The places need to spammed with tens or hundreds of those info items.
Just like a nowadays museum is :wink:

regards & happy blending !

I like the fire and smoke. Rally lovely. If you would make all the candle flames flickering, I think that would go a long way.
I especially liked the view from the upper stories windows onto the church.

Hey Hotzst !

When i set up the candle lights and flames that were not in the initial blend Manorial gave me, i thought about several possibilities:

  1. i could create a short candle flame video in a separate blend, and extract each frame to make them an animated texture.
    As blender anim is long time to spend, i searched for some candle flame anim and found 1 or 2 blend projects that i was totally unable to render ( i’m surely missing something in cycles, or prolly some knowledge on it as much as in ‘bake’ concepts ). Therefore, i forgot this option
  2. i also could create a flame mesh in blend ( 5 minutes ;-D ), import it in unity, and set up an unlit emitting shader. That’s what i did in fact
  3. i also could have made an anim to make the flame mesh move, but i thought that setting up an armature for this was kind of a bulldozer use for killing a fly :stuck_out_tongue: so i thought about shape-keys… But even after half a day of search i didn’t find a way to make it work ( i don’t even know wether it can anim my mesh or not with this btw ) and i also don’t know wether unity can retrieve this kind of animation… so, i forgot about it…
  4. i also could have written a vertex shader in unity that make the flame dance just like i did for my floating flag, with some sinus component at various frequencies/phase/amplitude… I just thought i was long to setup for the final result on a flame mesh that is pretty tiny and don’t look really like a flame… I pushed this option to later when i got a more sexy flame to show :wink:

Finally on the simple self lit mesh, i just added a script i wrote making the point light source flicker in position and in strenght, and added a halo around it.

Here’s how it’s done. I agree it not the best that can be done but as usual it’s a ‘cheap-to-render’ compromise :wink:

regards and happy blending !

Now that i managed to bake some AO, i’m playin with it on the visitable house.

I got to build a shader in unity that allows AO to be drawn and also parametered so that it looks nice. I think it will add a lot on the visual realism. Nevertheless it requires another UV layer to be used. I just hope it won’t be too heavy for small machines to real-time render :-S
So i’ll give this a try and drop some shots here if it’s worth the view :wink:

happy blendings !

Ah ah !!! AO rox !!!

it’s almos’ nothin but it does a lot ! confirming the brain is extremely sensible to luminance information in a picture.
Stop the words, here are 2 groups of 2 images. one ‘before’ and one ‘after’ or more, one ‘without AO’ and one ‘with AO’.
Of course all this is always in realtime rendering…

1st set:

2nd set:

Mebe i should also AOmap the furniture… it’s another story as it’s several tousands of polys…

But i gonna give it a try :slight_smile:

happy blending !

OK all !!! :slight_smile:

I played a bit with furniture AO and set it up in unity. After some lil strugglings one sentence came to my mind:
<< OOOWWWW FOK !!! >> ( sorry for the word :stuck_out_tongue: )

yes this is one more proof that blender and unity, beside their small workarounds are really awesome !
3 screenshots from unity ( i mention this is realtime rendering ) :
1 with no AO at all, the 2nd is with walls and ground AO, and the 3rd is walls, ground and furniture AO:

Your opinions on this ? :slight_smile:

happy blending !

The difference between one and two are noticeable and go a long way to make the scene more credible. While the third step leads to even more realistic scenes, I’ m not sure, if the casual viewer will notice. I had to take two looks at the images and I knew what to look for.

Hey Hotzst :slight_smile:

Thanks for your good words and yes you’re right when you say the casual ppl won’t notice anything. It’s always like this.

Imo and from my experience of pro flight simulators conception & dev, when ppl don’t notice anything in a scene or don’t make comments, it’s just won :slight_smile: On the other hand if a scenne is ‘flat’ or not enough realistic they have no regret saying it’s ugly, even if they can’t express the reason why.
Of course i don’t talk about all the ones behind the scenes, like you and me and most ppl in this forum who know or imagine the work involved behind each pixel of an image they’re watching for several minutes :wink:

happy blending.

Much better with AO, #3. Easy to tell the difference between 2 and 3. Just look at the furniture. Use #3.

It is finally possible to go for some shopping on High Street, in case you need shoes, hats, purses, knives, medical recipes, candles, foodstuffs or just a gallon of ale!


nice work here
can you give th link for the (online catalogue of the British Library).

what did you use for the clouds ?

wish thee was real pictures showing these building
would give a better idea how it looks in reality

i find the wood not 100 % realist
what nodes set up did you use

happy cycles

I couldn’t have said it better myself!!!

Hi all, after 9 months of work we finally managed to release a decent teaser, the explorable player will be released soon, so like the Facebook page for more information!

The link to the video is

All started here…

Now this video is not only a video… it’s an app in wich you can walk freely and discover each little house corner !
you can get it on google play store for free at:

And also follow us on FB at:

On twitter with:

And also grab the app for windows, linux, webgl and macOS on

Hope you enjoy it :slight_smile:

Happy blending !

Thanks! Can’t wait to release the video. Here are all the buildings (except for gatehouse, walls, towers and bridge) created so far. Many more to come!

@vinwin sorry i don’t get what you wrote :confused:
Can you be more explicit please ?