Knightslore and Secret Lake

Here is my two best renders. One is a town called Knightslore, and the other is Secret Lake. Hope they look okay, and what would you rate on a scale of 1 being worst to 10 being best?

Is this truly you work?
I give the models an 8/10 and the textures a 3/10

I don’t know wether you actually did all this, or wether you downloaded the models, and stuck them all together

  1. Huge quality variation. The Dianosoar is a comercial quality sculpt, but the fence is a bunch of cubes. Looking at you other posts makes you look like a person who does game engine work, and so how did you manage the sculpting of the dinosoar or the castle at the back?
  2. Style of models. A person who does game engine work, like you, very rarely can do sculpting to any reasnoble degree. The house may be yours, as it is a lo-poly object, but the castle in the background? If it is, then where are the other awesome rendering models you can make?
  3. Textures. This is the thing that first made me suspicious. How can you do perfect UV mapping on the house, but then have everything else being procedural (computer generated (clouds texture)) and mapped poorly at that. The house is the only UV mapped thing in the whole scene, and so it is also the only one looking proper. It also sticks out because of that. Then there is the dianosoar. No attempt at texturing at all!

If you did copy-paste the models, and are wanting comments on the layout of the scene, I give it a 4/10. It is too busy, too much to focus on. Also, select models that work where you put them. The dianosoar is clearly taking off, or landing, but is 3 meters in the air! Also, the ground might benefit from a few bumps. (dead flat as far as you can see!)

If you dodn’t copy paste. WOW, I am amazed. You are one of the few people here who can do anything on blender.
Great job on the models, now see if you can texture to match. I also appologise for the rant if this is the case.

So, did you or did you not make the models?

Ouch… Some of the models are freebies, I made the sky, mountains, waters, trees, fence, and walkway, shadows.
The eagle is a 2D image. Everything else is royalty free freebie models.

Sorry, that was a bit harsh.


i have few suggestions:).for terrain,sky etc you can try bryce(free for personal use)-you can import bryce terrain as obj file or as a displacement map.w.r.t style eventhough surrealist some unification is needed for disparate elements.-i.e. in terms of a story/col. scheme,texture etc.for e.g. in second picture the fence should also look medieval in modelling&textures.and for vegetation lot of free plants,trees are available or try arbaro,ngplant,plantstudio.