I’m working on knobs for an audio app (drummachine), aiming for a compromise between graphical clearness like seen on Ableton Live and ‘touchable’ looking 3d elements like used by Propelorheads for Reason.

The first image is vector graphics (SVG / Inkscape), but the trio is made with Blender.

Please tell me if you like this stuff or not (and why), or which version you like best, what to improve … thanks!

hey good work!

wanna show more :wink:


Professional quality. Great!


the first once (vector graphs) look cleaner imho. I’d stick with them.


I like the Blender ones , they look more realistic :slight_smile:


I also prefer those done in blender. :slight_smile:

dont see a real advantage to using blender here you could simply add some drop shadow and bevel with photoshop and get the same result. shrugs

I agree with some of the comments above that it probably doesn’t matter much whether they’re done in Blender or not, but I prefer the 1st Blender knob - it seems cleanest to me, and carries the most “information” (the contract of the blue and orange is immediate, and tells me why I’m looking at the button).

Thanks to all of you!

Doing it in Blender went quite fast. Having an actual light source makes sure lighting is consitent. And the smooth and rather complex gradients on the tops and the soft shadows are not that easy to create in direct bitmap or vector graphics. But I might return to vector graphics for having more / direct control over colour and contrast (later on).
And without Blender I would have had to post in Traditional, without a chance to receive as many comments :slight_smile:

I agree with SirVer in that the vector versions look cleaner. But a bit sterile, that’s why I switched to Blender. And yes kencanvey, they sure look more realistic :slight_smile:
As I said it’s about a compromise. Yust a touch of eye-candy without sacrificing clearness.

Special thanks to cdiorio, that’s the most helpful comment!
I’m sure the third one (with very dark red) is the weakest. So do others also think that blue/orange is better than gray/white?

really nice and clean work.
I totally agree, that the blender ones looking quite real and that the blue/orange coloured version is most readable. The scale is nicer in the vector version (beginning and end not rouded).
it would be interesting how many and what kind of knobs would be needed. for me, I found it’s allways nice if audio apps do “group” there knobs in different colors so you can get as much information as possible from the first sight. You could use the “line” on the knob in different colors archieve that “grouping”.

btw, any chance to have a look at the features of that upcoming drummachine?

Yes, now that you point me to this I agree that the corners on the scale should be sharper.
The grouping could be done by altering the orange/blue theme. The ‘line’ should always have the ‘positive’ scale colour in that concept. Generaly it must always provide very good contrast for readability.

Well, this is for LDrum:

I’m waiting for feedback from it’s author. The app is far from being finished in any way (v0.6), but it’s supposed to be a Reason Redrum clone.