Knock over basket of fruit

I would like to simulate an basket of fruit being knocked over and spilling the fruit onto the ground. I have the fruit objects and basket. What would be the best way to make this happen?

M. Lightning

( disclaimer: i haven’t done much of this stuff with recent versions, so the info may be slightly off ) it depends. if your fruit is high poly, you should build a low poly stand-in for each fruit object with the high poly versions parented to the low poly versions, and occupying the same space. send the high poly ones to another layer for now, and set up rigid body physics for the low poly objects but not the bowl. animate the bowl as it will be the force that propels the fruit. now somewhere ( used to be in the top header under render options ) there will be an option " record game physics to ipo ". check that, toggle the game engine on, slect all the objects you want to record, and hit P while in object mode, to begin ‘game physics’. when your fruit is sufficiently spilled, hit the esc key and exit game mode. now when you open an ipo window and select one of the objects, you should see the new animation curves. now send your low poly objects to a hidden layer, send your high poly objects to the layer you are rendering, and hit ‘animate’.

Thank you for the suggestion Modron. It worked wonderfully.