Downloaded knoppix onto a cd. How do I boot from the cd on my win98?
I tried changing the bios to first try booting from CD, taht didn’t work. What do i dio?

did you jsut burn the ISO onto a CD. or did you burn a cd from the ISO?

shold run directly from windows if i am correct.


Did you download a ISO-image ?

You need your cd-buring software to burn it onto the CD as a ISO, not just burn the downloaded file to a CD as a file. If you have any documentation for your burning software (manual, helpfile) look around for ‘creating bootable CDs’.

If your burning software does not support this (and assuming you have a windows machine) you can get a great free burning package here:

EDIT: Altaken beat me to it :slight_smile:

did you just drag the .iso file onto a CD or did you choose file->burn disc image [or similar] to burn it?

[which is a condesed version of what tgremlin said]

got it to work, some1 recomended nero last nite and that let me burn as image, thanks f00f!
so it works now, thanks for ur help. looking forward to experimenting with linux