Knot geometry generator from ASCII art representations

This is a simple plugin that makes it possible to take a quick ASCII art representation of a knot and turn it into a curve. For example, the plugin will take this:

          |  | 
          |  |  |
             |  |

And produce the geometry for this model:

With a little bit of massaging of the vertices, and some displacement mapped materials, the output can be used to generate reasonably looking rope work quickly:

it is a clever implement. thank you for sharing

for ~160 frame in physics.blend, the knot disappearw. will other software emulate it wrongly like blender does?

Very interesting.

I’ve not managed really good results with the soft body solver when the knot is under tension. Soft body physics is probably not very well suited to this type of problem and is struggling to satisfy the collision constraints. Not sure what other physics packages would manage.