Knot texturing


  1. I make knot from curve and bezier circle.
  2. I convert it into mesh
  3. I marked as seam edge along this mesh.

And now I want add texture.
How to unfold knot mesh to planned (square) vertexes in UV-editor?


If you are using B2.49 you can find a script Unwrap_Pipe/Tube/Hose in UVToolkit at wiki.blender:

  1. Select one face in Edit mode
  2. U-unwrap face
  3. Select right vertices in UV layout, scale-x to zero
  4. Make this procedure with all vertices pairs in UV layout so you have now rectangle
  5. Select all verices in edit mode and U-unwrap (Follow Active quads).

Very good tip - thanks :wink:

Sorry double post.

Thanks! Scripts in 2.49 works. Are these scripts present for 2.5?

Something working, but… I don’t understand steps 3 and 4. How to scale-x to zero? I select pairs of vertices, press <s> <x> <0> - I can’t make square :frowning:

No, no such scripts for 2.5 yet, unless in developing.

Make square - it means perfect square/rectangle with 90deg angles to have straight lines ( rectangular plane ) after unwrapping all faces.

Ok, I get it. Not always can make perfect square, so not perfect plane, but normal result.
Thank you!