Knots in procedural wood


how do i knot in wood with only procedural maps?


see also this long thread
there is a nodes set up for wood and knots
don’t remember which page !

happy bl

Thank you for your help

where can i find this additional procedural nodes for blender eevee?
example: blur, wood, warp, etc …
preferably free

I already found some materials but they are very heavy

cycles mostly but some might work in EEVEE

knots is not simple to do in wood pattern

happy bl

am I talking about function nodes anyway? for eevee
such as the nodes: mix, gradient, invert, etc …

most use old nodes in cycles so i think it should work in EEVEE

but may have to correct some of the nodes connections which have change in 2.9

so try to make a nodes copy in 2.79 and then correct it in 2.9

happy cl

You really can’t use an image here …?