Hey kids!
Just a little abstract thingy I whipped up recently. Made in 2.65a, rendered in BI.
The twisted torus’ material is almost totally black, with some gloss/fresnel/heavy blend/low specular intensity/low specular hardness. Lit with AO on .5, and two point lights(sphere ON, power of 8) with varying distances. 20 samples on each, as well as 10 softness. You can kinda see where they are at. Floor is almost black, no specular. I also used a blended yellow/blue sky for the reflections. I found out a while back somewhere(sorry if it’s you) how to get rid of banding on dark backgrounds by using cubic interpolation on the materials, Dithering at 2, as well as full oversample to help with AA. No postpro. That’s about it, hope you enjoy it :yes:


Very interesting object, VickyM72. Love the curves and the colors, makes it feel almost sensual. Thank you for the detailed write-up, as well! Extremely helpful.

Thanks a bunch! I very much appreciate that! I forgot to say, those lights have a power of 8, I’ll edit that in a minute :smiley:

Hey! Here’s an orange and blue one for ya!