Know any guide books?

Does anyone know any good guide books for 3d modeling, character creation for blender/ generaly?

What kind of characters are you trying to create?
Might be worth looking for a Human anatomy book in the first instance, if you want to create human characters but i’d say you would gain a lot from it anyway.

Are you familiar with Blender? Are you planning on sculpting or just 3D modelling?

I am familiar quite a bit with blender ( i took the gamedev udemy course)
I would like to make all kinds of 3d characters suitable for games and animation movies

I’m in a similar situation where I have experience of using blender and I’m trying to get to grips with character modelling.
There are some course on Udemy I believe, might be worth checking out.
I’d definitely recommend looking for a book on human anatomy, I think there is one called Human Anatomy for sculptors but it currently seems to be sat at a fairly hefty price on amazon.

I don’t know what workflow you’re going for but sculpting in blender is a good start for character modelling, you can then re topo it and do the texturing etc.