knowledge base integration (php CODE development)

Hey everyone, recently installed the knowledge base on it’s server as a way of offering support to our members. However the knowledge base isn’t fully integrated in elYsiun yet. Because I don’t have the time to take on this integration I am looking for someone who does!

So if you have any php experience and want to help out and the Blender Community by further developing the knowledge base please contact me by either posting in this topic or by e-mailing me at [email protected].

Development of the knowledge base needs to take place in a few places:

  • Integration with the elYsiun user database and session system (phpBB)
  • Implementation of Smarty Templating engine: currently all HTML is hardcoded within the php code all HTML code needs to be separated from the php code via the Smarty Templating engine which the rest of elYsiun uses.
  • Code cleaning: The knowledge base code could be cleaned up and more features could be added to the knowledge base.

You could also come up with a different plan, if I like it I will let you implement what ever you’ve thought up.

Thanks and Greets,

You have mail :wink:


I will mail you guys back monday with some more details.

Thanks and Greets,

Are there any updates?

Ack sorry,…I’ve been quite sick this week but I’ll definately e-mail you guys tomorrow!

Sorry again!


Ack… :-? Are you feeling better? If not, hope you get better soon :slight_smile:

You interested in html tutorials as well ? I know a few tricks, what you got so far ?