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Hey everyone,

elYsiun offers the knowledge base as a way to offer support for our members.

Before asking a question please search the knowledge base to see if it may have been asked and answered before. If it hasn’t then please ask it on this forum.

If you’ve answered a question on this forum or if you’ve had your question answered then please be so kind to add the question and the answer to it in the knowledge base.

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good stuff…

Hi Timothy
Does the search database work? I have tried several times to search for topics before I ask a question on the forum, but I have never been successful in retrieving any answers.

hasnt the knowledgebase been around for a while though? what’s so ‘new’ about it?

good point… it has been up for a long time

Yes, but now it’s hosted on Elysiun.

ERRR. I’m kinda new…sooooooo, if you wouldn’t mind answering some questions on the game I’d really appeciate it.

Ok, here goes…I am currently in a development phase of making a game, I can make everything fine except the movement. I go to set it and the actor button isn’t in my logic interface at all.

I need that to set my movements, but it isn’t there. What is wrong, and if nothing is wrong…what do I do??

i had the same problem, what i do is save a blank scene using 2.24, then open it with the newer version (2.34) and the actor button should be there, dont ask me why it works, i dont know, it just does :slight_smile:

Lol. Yeah, I got the answer already. something about sumo.

I couldn’t find the “actor” button in the realtime buttons until I found out that you have to turn off the “world” that is automatically set when you start up blender 2.34. once you delete the world, the button “actor” appears in your realtime buttons. But I don’t know if you already knew that. :slight_smile: