KnOwlEdge game!

Hi there!

Me and my girlfriend has worked on a game in Blender for a school project the past week. (and YES I’m tired of making games for school projects!) :wink:
The game is called KnOwlEdge and is suppose to show how we have learned new knowledge the past six months…
We are both very proud of how the game turned out in such a short time, although we know the game has some flaws and buggs! :expressionless:

My girlfriend has made the most of the textures and modelling while I took care of the logic bricks system/script, the animation and some sounds.

Here is a screenshot of the game:

I will post the .exe and perhaps the blender file later. I will have to make some modifications mainly due to the fact that my girlfriend doesn’t want her real name to be displayed in the game (as it is now).

Oh and I can say the working together on a gameproject is great!! :smiley:
We all should try that! :slight_smile:


your game looks very cute.
Post the file please!


blend file now


Looks really nice!

The .blend file is now aviable at:


I figured out how to beat it too! wow what a freaking cool concept!


wow! you should compress the file dude! the 2.66 mb file is killing me on my crappy 56k modem LOL. anyway,i’m downloading right now! :smiley:

ps: as OTO said,the screenshot looks cute! :smiley:

interesting game…there are some really nice enviromental textures

but why is there such a high poly count?

i see a lot of unessesary vertices that u can remove to increse te game performance

keep up the good work

your screen shot is really cute, just downloaded the blend file, gonna check it out. :smiley:

Very nice little fun world game thing:)

I tried to convience my girlfriend that creating a game with low polys is necesseray and that small clitches in the models are kind of disturbing but after arguing about that I decided not to bring that subject up again… lol! :smiley:

The game IS compressed… :slight_smile:
However when we didn’t care soo much for the size of it or to optimise anything… we only had fun creating the objects and add so much we had time to!
(The day before we had to be finished we had not sleept for like 48 hours or something like that…) :wink:

indeed very sweet! nice work and original

Man are you lucky! I can’t find a single soul in Texas besides myself who is interested in blender, much less a girlfriend who is interested.

1 Year ago nobody did know what blender was or what you can do with it, I made some things in it and even made a presentation for Dutch. When I did that the classmates became interested in the piece of free 3D studio. So at this moment everyone at school knows what it is, and even my uncle want to try if he can make some things in it. So just make some works and show them to people, and maybe the become interested in blender.

JD_multi: That is so true! :slight_smile: We showed this game for every other classmates and teatchers and many where interested in what Blender is!

When we first was introduced to Blender in school many didn’t care to learn it beacuse of it’s high learning curve but there was at least two students who where willing to learn more! :))

Create games and show them to your family members, classmates and all of your friends! :slight_smile:

Wow! fun game. I liked flying around and shooting fire up in teh air. That was a cool idea on how to make the balloon rise.
Will you make more levels?


I donwloaded your game, but I think my blender has got some problems in Xp. I played the game but I couldn’t do: flying didn’t work, couldn’t breath fire. what’s wrong, has someone on this forum the same problems or is this just me. I runned the game with: blender creator 2.23, blender publisher 2.24 and blender publisher 2.25. But flying and breathing fire didn’t work. :frowning:

JD you need to eat all the apples, read all the books, and learn from all the owls to gain those properties. after you have done everything on the lower part of the level the fire will work and when you complete the upper part you will gain the ability to fly. although in the far corner of the level you can get out if you fly :wink: once again love this game!

Well… right now we are both kind of tired of this game but we want to continue with it. Maybe create more of a game and have the same character in it with more levels and a whole better concept of the game. But right now I would more like to create a game of my own! I have so many ideas for games I want to try!! :smiley: