Known workaround for the animation baking glitch?

I started animating a character for a flash game in 2.5alpha2, but later learned that the animation baking was glitched in the alpha. I was about to go back to 2.49, knowing that animation baking works, but the collada exporter doesn’t. I intended to redo all my animations in 2.49, bake them, bring them in to 2.5a2 and export them to a valid collada file.

Half way through my redo of the animations, the beta came out, and I was ecstatic, thinking that I may be able to bake the animations in the beta. No dice though, the baking is still glitched (or it may be the collada exporter that’s the problem, I don’t know.)

I was wondering if anyone can think of a good workaround for this? I essentially need a keyframe on every frame of the animation, since collada doesn’t support all the complex curve interpolation I have. I’ve tried to do this manually, but its a complex rig with a lot of complex curves, and each new keyframe messes up the interpolation and has to be manually corrected. It would take days if not weeks, each time I wanted to export.

I’ve even thought of trying to write a python script to do it, but I despise PY with a passion and want to avoid writing it unless absolutely necessary.

Can you use a .mdd file? That’s Vertex Keyframe Animation – it doesn’t bake the animation as armature keyframes, but as frame by frame mesh deformations. Maybe not what you need, but it’s an option.