knuerled texture modeling

i tried to do this little tut but i cnnot get the final result
i get to the point where i can see the losange but after it’s not working as it should and i don’t get the final results
link :
can someone help with this tut


Which tut? The pic or the vid:)

i tried to follow the instruction in the pic - in 6 parts
but did not turn out greatresults !

i can see the vid but cannot download - at least i did not find the way to do it
if you know how let me know may be vid is more details the the pic


I can’t explain the image instructions.
But here are some additional links to my video demonstration;);9878037;/fileinfo.html

If your thing is subdivided enough, select all the verts you want to be that texture and hit Alt-M and then Collapse.

i’ll study the video and see if i can redo
it is an interesting technic - and cold also bu used to make stone wall i think
but i’ll test it


the video is nice but some part goes way too fast

i’m right after the first mdofier - mirror
then there is a menu appearing on the screen - what’s the keys command to make the menu appear to selct faces ?
then there is another menu - what is the keys to get that menu - it began with erase at top

at that point i saw tht my cylinder is still fill up - i’m not certain if the followings command are going to empty the center of the cylinder?

sorry if i’m a pest but i would like to understand this technic which is very interesting


Select faces, try ctrl-TAB, other short cut used in the video are w: Special, x: erase, s: scale, b: box selection, b-b: paint selection, alt-j: transform trianges to quads…

Maybe some others…
Good luck,

i had to model some knurled textures for my handgun, i made a tutorial for it too. my technique is a bit more involved than the earlier post, but it allows for more flexible surfaces, you can find it a couple posts down here: