Knurled pattern on different surfaces

What would be the best approach to create this the knurled pattern on different types of surfaces, e.g on top of cylinder (magazine eject button), going around a the mesh (trigger), and well everything else.

Right now I can get the pattern very easily on a square/rectangle mesh:

But I can’t get it on anything rounded. So what I’m doing is copy/pasting individual “diamonds” to make the pattern, like this:

However I’d like to have it all as one mesh like the grip cover. Not mention this way is time consuming. How can I accomplish this? Is there a universal way I can do this, as I’ll be needing to also do the trigger, safety, release, etc…

Make one, array it with array modifier with merge option enabled to create a continuous object. Use this as a base model which you could then cut shapes out of with the knife project tool

Alternatively, subdivide mesh into squares and use inset tool set to individual faces to make the separate blocks

Alternatively use normal maps to fake, depends what is your final goal

Hi Richard, thanks for the reply

Final goal in game asset. The knurled pattern will be used to bake a normal map.

I currently use the subdivide/inset/extrude method to create the pattern easily as long as it’s one a square plane. And I have tried cutting out a circle from said plane using knife project, however it seems the cut isn’t complete, and overall just looks bad.

I haven’t used array though, I’ll give it a shot to replace my current copy/paste

I’ve modeled all the knurling on a 1911 before. I did an array with a boolean modifier to get the mag release. and for the trigger and hammer knurling, I did an array, and a couple of curve modifiers, plus some manual clean-up

I do not see any issues using knife project on such meshes here. Win 32 bit, Blender version 2.75 (sub 4), commit date b’2015-09-14’

For the knurled pattern:

  1. Add Grid or subdivide plane; if you intend to get diagonal pattern subdivide one more time in addition to what you would see as a pattern size.
  2. For a diagonal pattern - add Decimate modifier, set Un-Subdivide, Iterations =1 and Apply modifier.
  3. Select triangles: menu Select - Faces by Sides=3 in Face select mode.
  4. Invert selection: you should have all quads selected now.
  5. ii - double tap I-key to Inset Individual faces.
  6. Alt-P Poke faces.
  7. In vertex select mode decrease selection Ctrl- - ; you should now have selected vertices which will make pyramid tops if you grab them up. Do so.
  8. Ctrl-Shift-B bevel selected vertices.

You can use already shaped surface - scale pattern pyramids on face normals Alt-S in step 7. Could use Lattice modifier too.

After you cut out round shape select all vertices in edit mode and from menu Select -> Select Boundary Loop. Duplicate this loop and correct it’s shape by scaling on one axis to zero, use LoopTools ->Circle and Space commands to refine. Scale a tad bigger this loop, return to the previous selection by selecting all central part and Boundary Loop again, L-select outer loop and W-Bridge Loops.

After you have extruded side walls object will have a high amount of vertices; use Decimate modifier Collapse. Ratio 0.5 to 0.6 should give significantly less verts and still keep reasonably fine shape.
Hope helps.

Here’s my procedural knurled WIP texture(still working out the projection but I will probably just go uv on it)

See it applied on the bottom mesh:

All of these textures are procedural except the cone.