Kobe Bryant Tribute - Basketball Render

Not a huge basketball fan but I made the basketball model and then had this cool idea. Text and color correction were done in photoshop, the rest was done in Blender.

1080x1080, 200 samples.


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Raw render.


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Good work!

Thanks! I appreciate it.

Kind of an ugly wireframe but here it is anyway.


Nice, i use to play basketball so i instantly went to your post.

2 things that bother is the texture missing some bump and fine detail, it looks a little stretched. Another thing is the transition from the ball to the black stripes, yours is a little off. Here is a quick reference you could use.

Nice work!

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Yeah you’re right. I noticed the transition problem, tried to kind of sculpt it in but it didn’t really work. Thanks for pointing out the problem with the details I didn’t notice that. Might fix it in the future so I can re-use this model. Thanks!

Cool. The ball looks about as old as Kobe does right about now. :eyebrowlift:

Hahaha! Thanks… I think?

Congrats man.