Kodak DX6490

This is my digital camera:

Render time: 14 min

Render time: 12 min

Render with Blender 2.34
Filesize: 251.988 Kb.
Faces: 22.420

One light (sun)
Ambient Oclusion: 12 Samples
Octree 128


  • Camera back
  • More textures
  • Clean geometry

And a wire :stuck_out_tongue:


wow, it looks like a picture :o . I can’t find anything wrong with it to critisize. I also like how you put up stats and all that stuff I think everyone should start doing this now :slight_smile:

Great start.

A few crits:
The text on the lens (Schneider) is warped. Try applying the texture as a cylinder.
Get some lighting in there. Id suggest a simple 3 pt lighting, with some soft shadows and some sharp specular highlights.
Turn AO off. I think the pic will look much better either without it and with some decent lighting or with AO just a slight addition to the lighting.
I think the lens housing should be less relfective, and the lens needs to be more curved.
Get a wooden floor in there as a base, and have a wall behind it. This gives the illusion of a complete environment, and is easy to achieve.

Thats enough for now,

rather nice rendering, but you have to work on it…

I don’t like your modeling, it is untidy :frowning: Sorry but I think so :frowning:

Looks good, borders on photoreal :slight_smile:

Thanks for the comments !!

A little update:


Render time: 6 mins !! (well, I think that is fast)
AO Samples: 10
One light: lamp (no diffuse)

Modeller and render engine: blender 2.34 Linux

File size: 325.456 Bytes
Faces: 19624 (with subdiv = 2)


  • Texture cylinder with text “Schneider …” (Thanks Bulletdodga).
  • Better proportions of the model.
  • Wood texture for the floor :stuck_out_tongue:

I try the three points illumination without AO, but I can not get good results (look artificial). All textures have reflection !! I played with the fresnel value to lower the effect.

Nice modeling, Try to make more details, and use the Shift+E command for Subsurf Weight for the Flash :stuck_out_tongue:

The Objectif must be better.

Continu it’s a nice render.

The back:


Next TODO:

  • Back textures (texts)
  • Zoom buttom
  • Laterals details (slot memory card, USB connect, …)
  • Flash

make the holes in the top with mesh not texture - its not even faked with a bump map right now…

Other illumination:


Render time: 4.12 min

I dont know if I will make de top holes, first I want terminate all modeled and textured.

Without a floor, render time is 3 times more quick.

2 point light (only specular, not shadows)
AO samples = 6
OSA = 5

I love the new Illumination (look to me photo real). Later other front view with this illumination.


Top notch work. Good modeling and texturing. Out of curiosity, what are your
system specs?

thanks ec2. My PC:


Pentium 2.8 Ghz Hypertrheading
1 Gb RAM Dual Channel
Ati Radeon 9600XT 256 Mb
TFT 17"


  • Debian Sid
  • Blender 2.34 (blender “standard”, compiled by Debian - i386). A day I will compile the sources to benchmark.
  • Gimp 2.04

The images have a bit of sharp with gimp.

I probed render this project with yafray, but I have problems with textures and, well, I think that render engine of blender is very good.

Without AO, the lighting is artificial (i dont know how enhaced the image), but the render is very fast. I think AO is not slow, but if I put a floor, the render time up 3 o 4 times.

Last images for now:



All textures made with gimp.

I’ll change the textures of back buttons (now have very reflections). In the second image look as bulbs.

I am learning a lot with this project :smiley:

Wow, that’s an amazing job. Almost photoreal! Nicely done!

Great job but I have one crit, the lens doesn’t look like glass.

Well, if you look at a real lens, it doesn’t look like glass at all. When I see the 2th picture from above the lens looks fine for me. I took a real camera, and it almost look the same if I place it that way. :stuck_out_tongue:

Keep blending, great work. :smiley:


Yes, the lens are now basic (better speak, the space where are the lens), but I would like to terminate others parts.

Here images of reference:


A lot of detail to add, yes :slight_smile:

Today I discover the UV Window (wow, is a great utility), and the project is now in pause.

That last render with the wood floor looks superb. Can i ask where that wood texture is from - cause it looks soo good with the camera.

I found great free textures (the wood incluided) here:


oh thanks heaps <3 :stuck_out_tongue: