Koenigsegg Agera

Trying to do Koenigseggs latest car. Tell me what you think! :smiley:


Once again, Great choice of car. It appears you need an extra cut loop around that vent however. One way to achieve this since you’ve already modeled that area would be to select all the faces inside of that vent, you should be able to face loop select them quickly and extrude inward a very small amount. But I’m sure you have your own techniques! Look forward to your progress.

hmm…I gotta start thinking about another car to start

Thanks man :slight_smile: I gotta ask you, why do I need an extra cut around the vent? Does it make it smoother or something? I will try to pour my heart into this car, because I love it, and its from the same country as I am. :slight_smile:

Wow, I’m looking forward to see a new car from you! Love your Ferrari. We should make a render with both cars in the same scene!

From what I understand, yes, it makes the edge going from the surface of the body into the vent cleaner. It also allows easier editing, and can help prevent smooth issues if you later, if/when more edge loops. For example if you wanted to start an edge loop coming out from the vent, you could end up with a 5 pt vert, leading into a vent, which is incorrect. If you do some tests with a cube and an extruded hole and fool around with different options, you will find it looks best with an edge loop around, and an edge loop below (which you already have). Sometimes if you notice little discolored artifacts around edges (primarily visible when a model has a low subsurf level) this is a way to remedy that.

But honestly, around smaller areas where only a lady bug would notice, I usually dont bother to reduce polies. Use your judgement though. In the end, if it renders fine your good to go.

Edit: That could end up being pretty cool. (rendering together) Do you still have your saleen s7 too? I model and render everything from a laptop, which needless to say isn’t the most powerful of machines, but I’m willing to try it out if my computer can handle poly count.

Thanks for the tip. As you are one of the best people I know at topology, I will do as you say :slight_smile:

I could render on my machine, if thats OK with you. I have a stationary powerful computer. You could do test renders with smaller resolution and less AA, and when you’re ready, send it to me, and I will let it run over the night. Only if you want to! Also, you don’t need to use the Ferrari, if you’re going to do another model soon, that would be nice, cuz I’m sure it will take a while to model this baby!

Think I got it right now.


Some updates… stuff is going on pretty well!


that looks great!!!

Thank you :smiley:

Updating with many clay renders :smiley:

Have been in France since sunday, so I haven’t done very much.


You’re making great progress - it really looks clean in the renders!

Thanks Don :slight_smile: It actually is clean, for now :smiley: Nice first post too!

Checking so that the reflection looks right…


Comment or I will spank you all! :smiley:

I personally love it. The edges are very nice and smooth. Great job!

Updating some more, starting to get the sexy Koenigsegg look now.


I’ve always loved looking at the prototypes and bare metal versions better than the finished cars, so I really like the gray renderings the best. The reflection renders are important, of course, but it’s the process that fascinates me.

Great additions - as always! :smiley:

Thank you Don. With “grey renders” do you mean the clay renders or the grey reflection renders above in post 17?

All is going nice, but very slow, as I don’t have much time for this. :frowning: