Koenigsegg Agera


been modelling the Agera for some time now, and it’s almost finished.

Here’s a test render (had to resize it to upload it for some reason). C&C welcome.

Wow! This looks just awesome. You just enjoy watching it and it has that realism feeling. I think you could add a glare on that lights to make it even more interesting and eye catching. Great job! :slight_smile:



The exterior is practically done. C&C are welcome.

What do you mean practically. You can post some wires?

Just a quick question about the car, is that where the wind shield wiper stays in its rest position or did you model it there and just havent moved it yet? If thats where it stays when it’s off that would piss me off to no end if I owed the car in real life. Awesome model by the way. I think the road could use some dark lines where cars drive on it constantly. I also don’t think race tracks have lane markers, i it’s public it probably wouldn’t be banked that extreme. Of course there are always exception, but thats just my 2 cents.

Did you model the interior? but other than that, it is very realistic, Nice!

That’s a speed ring in Germany that does have lane markers. If I’m not wrong.

I’ve been working on improving my rendering techniques the past month - hope you like these. :o

Having some problems with the attachment system…


Got it sorted out (file size limit of 2 MB?)


Hello, Oscar! I specifically remember seeing these and more of your renders on the Indigo forum! I haven’t posted on there in a long time, but I still check in every now and then to see what is going on. I’m one of the 100 lifetime members, and am eager to incorporate Indigo into my workflow for a couple short films later this year.

Anyway, I just wanted to say your work is outstanding! You’ve come a long way with your car renders, they are very beautiful. Your modeling is very good, as are your your materials and lighting (and post work!). Your Koenigsegg renders especially were very inspiring, as they were the bar I set for myself when I was working on my GTA video. I can admit, there is no comparison between that video and these images, but it was still a very good motivation for me.

I have a question; for your last image, in order to get appropriate reflections and lighting around the wheels and the bottom of the vehicle, do you camera map the environment image to the plane the car is placed upon?

Very polished work, Oscar. I’m looking forward to seeing what you create next!

Thanks a lot for your reply man - I don’t know a better feeling than knowing I’ve inspired people. The Indigo forum is a great (while not so big) community, so I hope to see you back there soon.

I checked that GTA video of yours. It’s hilarious and your camera tracking is flawless - been trying that stuff together with a friend and its really tricky stuff.
The car looks really good as well - especially for using BI renderer and own shot HDRI’s. The halo effects look really professional - and really, the only small issue I can see is that the CCR model could use some work - but that’s nothing that non-Koenigsegg nerds will notice.

I subscribed to your channel - looking forward to what you’ll do next.

Hi Oscar J! I’ve seen a lot of your work on smcars (I don’t post a lot on there though), I didn’t realize you used blender.
Nice renders :slight_smile: You should post them in the finished projects section. They will probably get a few stars.

Thanks a lot - hope to see you at SMCars more in the future.

I’m not particularly interested in stars and I do by no means consider this a finished project. I most of all just want to keep this thread updated and get constructive criticism on my work!

Dude, nice car! If you ever do tutorials on modeling or lighting in tell me.

It really seems that you know what you are doing after seeing your renders. I really like the one with only the back end of the car. It looks very realistic. I checked out your portfolio and I think you make really good car models and their renders. Are backgrounds all images or have you modeled any of them?

Thanks DanielW - if there’s anything specific you want to know, just ask.

Mahoney - thanks a lot for your comment, and thanks for taking a look at my site. The only backgrounds I have modelled among these images, are the ones for the studio shots. Once you get the hang of HDRI lighting and image integration - the 2D backplate workflow is just so much more effective for the kinds of images I do (at least it is for me). In animation, that’s where the 3D environments really start to become useful.

Looking really good! You said you use 2D backplate workflow so do you use 360 degree HDRI’s or are those just plain photos?

Those are some sweet looking renders there mate. 5*s from me!