Koenigsegg CCR (updated)


Yep, it’s another car. Been working on this for several hours now.
Progressional images

Head- and taillights are on their way. Brakedisks and callipers will also need to modelled as well as some more details added. I’d like some help with the tires though, not yet been able to make a decent set of those. Any other c&c would be appreciated.

Damn, give to me :slight_smile: That is looking great, are you using polygon modelling for that? (I normally see cars done with NURBS, but hear Blender’s nurbing isn’t so great, though I haven’t tried it yet).

PS. Saw that car on the TV show ‘Top Gear’ here and it is a beast.


very nice modeling hope the shader will make a very realistic render :slight_smile:

this is one of my favorits car, with the murcielago and the aero8

Looking good.


Thanx for the comments, now I’m a bit more assured I was on the right track.


Been adding some more details to it. The head and taillights were difficult to get right and i’m still not 100% happy about the result. The headlights do have a glass cover but they’re not present in this render.
Just noticed something in the render I didn’t seen in Blender itself the flow of the cockpit needs a workover. A well, still a wip right ?


Quite pleased with the colour but atm it looks more like plastic than carpaint :-?
And still some faults in the mesh.

wow that looks pretty cool dude.

I think adding a white plane above the car, out of sight of the camera, will help make the material more metal looking.