Kollision Problems

Good Morning!

I experimented with physical simulation of hard bodies. I set a scene with dominos standing on a plane (just the same scene as in this tutorial: http://mediawiki.blender.org/index.php/Manual/PartX/Hard_Bodies)

When I start the simulation by pressing P some of the dominos fall through the plane after a while. Why? How can I improve collision detection?

Well you can try this old example I made a while ago :


That should help.
If it dose not work I dunno what to do cause I had that problem before and I just figured it how to fix it well I fixed it on my project :smiley:
When you downlaod the example from that link there should be in the 3D View two side’s 1 Actor and 1 motion I use the motion way the actor way works also. Well I hope I have help out Cya Later :wink: