Komposer , text on top of image ?

How do i do a navigation bar that is an image , but it has text on it ?

when i add a image (in a table ) i can write nothing on top , if i do the image desappears .

so , how do i do that ?

like this navigation bar in the flstudio home page :

  1. Don’t use tables for things that aren’t supposed to be in tables (like some kind of data).
  2. Use div’s and spice them up with css (look for “display: block” with google).
  3. Look at the source of the website, they’re doing it the same way.
  4. Search for css tutorials in which they tell you how to make a menu out of list items.
  5. Fruity Loops rocks.

No time to explain further, hope this helps, but it’s easy :slight_smile: